Local Media

          • WRTI Temple University (90.1) plays Jazz from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M. 7 days a week, and from 9 A.M. until 2:PM on Sundays.
          • WDVR and WRDV have some good jazz on. WRDV is in Warminster with repeaters in Phila., Bristol, Bensalem, and other places. WDVR is in seargentsville, NJ just above Trenton and much closer than Scanton.
          • WUSR broadcasts from the campus of the University of Scranton at 99.5 FM. They play jazz weekday afternoons (and blues from 4-6pm), and Mark Webber’s program, Sunday Jazz, airs Sunday from 4-7pm. Sunday Jazz focuses on reissues from the 50s and 60s (although he usually plays a little Bird and/or Pres as well.)

          • WMUH Allentown 91.7 FM  – Look for Chuck Bolger’s show…Streaming on-line in RealAudio since 2000, also of note on Tuesday nites,6-8 pm Carl Snyder, Producer, veteran Playboy magazine jazz critic and performer….he is on hundreds of albums and he knows his stuff. Friday nights 6- 8 pm Tony Renwick, a griot in his own right. 20 years of jazz on Friday evenings.
          • David Hull, a reader, reports that Princeton U.’s station, WPRB at 103.3 has jazz so check it out and let me know what you think !!



In the Jazz business, promoters, bookers and agents help get gigs for musicians in exchange for a percentage of their performance fee. At best, they can recommend appropriate artists, and call upon many resources to put together an ensemble appropriate for your affair. It is rare for any one agency to have exclusive rights to a particular Jazz musician, so you will often see the same musician or group represented by several agencies. Although you might be able to shave off a few points by approaching the musicians directly, a good agent will know which players are reliable, and will make certain that your gig goes off.

In the long run, you’re better off relying on someone who does this for a living, since better artists are rarely astute businessmen.



Jazz Education

Conventional Wisdom would question why anyone would spend countless thousands of dollars to learn to play a form of music where you might make a hundred bucks or so for four grueling sets of baring your soul to unappreciative audiences. Thank goodness Jazz musicians tend to be a little short on conventional wisdom, and generations of these characters are willing to pay for a pay scale which doesn’t seem to keep up with inflation.

Means of learning to play Jazz range from being born gifted to Graduate programs where students transpose Coltrane solos and spend countless hours justifying chord/scale relationships. There are no shortage of resources for players of every level who wish to learn more of the craft. While there is no substitute for embarrassing yourself in front of your peers and betters at Jam sessions, here a few suggestions for the more theoretical aspects of the art:


Jazz Education Resources






          • Roger Prieto – Roger is an excellent trumpet man. His students speak very highly of his patience, and ability to transfer his vast knowledge of the Jazz tradition. Email me and I’ll get you in touch
          • Larry McKenna is among the most gifted teachers out there for advanced students.


There are hundreds of interesting links to the City of Brotherly Love. These are good to get you started.


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